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Moore Family"Phil really went above and beyond for us in our search for a home. My husband was relocated with the Army to Tacoma, WA. We knew nothing about the area, but we wanted to purchase our first home. I found Phil on facebook and began communicating with his team. Shortly after I began communications with them we started our pre-qualifications.... READ MORE from the Moore Family and others.




McChord WA Real Estate

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McChord WA Real Estate and Homes For Sale

by Veteran Army Realtor Phil Sharp 1SG, Retired

mcchord Air Force Base JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateMcChord Air Force Base is the Air Mobility hub for the north western United States and is a partner installation of Fort Lewis Washington.  Fort Lewis is adjacent to McChord and is home to approximately 20,000 Army troops of the Pacific Command.   McChord and Lewis are the force projection platform for the Western United States and their geographic location makes them the logical stepping off point for the entire pacific region.
McChord WA AFB hosts the 62nd Airlift Wing, and the 446th Airlift Wind (USAFR).  These organizations operate the C-17 transport, among other aircraft, and are the backbone of US airlift capability for the western US, the Pacific region, and often operate globally supporting ongoing operations around the world.

McChord AFB employs approximately 10,000 Air Force, Reserve and civilian personnel, and is continually expanding as it assumes more and more of theOn Base at JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estate duties of smaller installations with uncertain futures.  Located along the I-5 Corridor adjacent to the city of Tacoma, opportunities for family members are limitless;  employment for spouses and educational opportunities for children are two of the things that make McChord, WA a highly desirable location, and are a big reason for our large retired population….people like it here.

Looking for things to do?  McChord AFB is located less than an hours drive from the beautiful and historic city of Seattle, (PHOTO);  If you are into the outdoors, sporting and recreational activities, a little more than an hours drive will take you to Skiing in the Cascades.  Travel in the opposite direction and find yourself at the beach in about the same amount of time.  And then of course, there is Puget sound.  Puget Sound is a body of salt water that borders the Tacoma area to the west, and is a boaters and fisherman's paradise.  You can actually rent boats for use in the salt water from MWR on base.

The base information number is (253)982-1910; the Public Affairs office can be reached at (253)982-5637. McChord AFB Web Site

If you need more information or help relocating to McChord Wa Area, Visit Jen Warren, Your Relocation Sponsor, in the Relocation Department of this website.

McChord WA Real Estate For Sale average price:

The average home price is $220,000 while houses range from $50,000 to $872,000. Housing types available include Single Family, Residential, Commercial, Lots & Land, Investment Properties, Waterfront, Town Homes & Condominiums. Several communites surround McChord Washington area, and there are many well priced homes for sale, investment properties for sale within a quick commuting distance to McChord. Visit other community pages like Lakewood, Tacoma, DuPont, Spanaway and Puyallup to learn about these areas and homes for sale near McChord and JBLM.

McChord WA Data

JBLM North Fort Lewis Area Real EstatePopulation - 28,959

Households - 13,087 Persons Per Household - 2.73 Income Per Household - $32,459 Average House Value - $121,900

Telephone Area Code(s) - 253    Latitude - 47.16262   Longitude  -122.510641

McChord AFB, WA Map Link to Map Quest





McChord AFB Housing and Real Estate FAQ:

Q What are the most popular off base housing communities?

A Lacey, Yelm and Spanaway/Graham are the most popular, and tent to rotate among themselves…one month Yelm is more popular, next month it is Lacey. Time of year seems to have something to do with it. The countryside is prettier in the summer…

Q How far is the drive to Yelm/Lacey versus Graham and Puyallup?

A Geographic distances are about the same; with no traffic, the drive to Puyallup is 20-30 minutes….Lacey/Yelm is about the same....but with traffic. Road congestion in the Graham/Spanaway/Puyallup areas can stretch commutes out to an hour or more. The new Cross Base Freeway will alleviate some of the problem in Spanaway, and out to Frederick and Graham, but won’t help much with Puyallup.

Q I have heard good and bad about Spanaway, what is your opinion?

A There are less than desirable areas in Spanaway, just like there are around any large base. I will keep you away from the bad areas, they are generally pretty easy to identify. If the listing price is too good to be true, it may be a bad area (or a short sale, a subject for later). If there are lots of junk cars and graffiti..goes without saying.

Q Do you sell many houses in Spanaway?

A Spanaway is a very popular area, and I do sell quite a few homes there. I do try to stay away from “the strip”, where the clubs and pawnshops are. Just a little further out, there are some really nice neighborhoods and communities, and nice houses, with good people and good schools.

Q How far is the drive to Spanaway?

A It depends on where you are coming from. From Main post on Ft Lewis, it is 20-25 minutes. If you leave McChord by the back gate, it can be 5 minutes. The other option is to take the East Gate, between Roy and Spanaway.

Q Is the traffic on I-5 really that bad? Can we avoid using I-5?

A It is hard to completely avoid I-5, but there are folks who do. I try really hard, but it doesn’t always work out. Yes, the traffic can be really bad. Because of rivers and other geography, there are lots of “choke points” where I-5 is the only option, such as when passing Ft Lewis, or crossing the Nisqually river.


Home Buying & The JBLM Fort Lewis Community

  • Communities around the perimeter of Joint Base Lewis-McChord

    About the area; close to the gate: The closest communities to the I-5 gates are Lakewood WA, Dupont WA, and Steilacoom WA. All three are varied communities, with home prices ranging from 200k+/- thru several million. Steilacoom is a little known community on Puget Sound, make sure you drive out to's minutes from post. About the area, north of base: The communities north of Joint Base Lewis McChord include of Tacoma, and its suburbs. The cities of Puyallup, Graham, Spanaway, and...

    Read More ...

  • First Time or Repeat Home Buyer Education & Relocation Services

    First Time or Repeat Home Buyer Education: Home Buyer Education is What This Website, and Our Business, is All About: This "Library" of information for military home buyers and those looking to find homes for sale in the JBLM area is provided because I believe that the more knowledgeable you are as a home buyer, the more comfortable you will be... my job will be easier, and you will probably be happier with the outcome. Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced home buyer, you can find...

    Read More ...

  • Fort Lewis Wa Frequently Asked Questions

    Fort Lewis Wa Frequently Asked Questions: What are the most popular areas off post for home buyers moving to Ft. Lewis WA? I have found that the top three areas to purchase a home in the Fort Lewis area are Lacey (Hawks Prairie especially), Yelm & Roy, and Spanaway/Graham. Each has it's own pro's and con's. What is the average home price in the Ft Lewis area? Prices are a little higher to the south and east of post. The average home price in north Thurston County is about $220, 000, which...

    Read More ...

  • Growth of JBLM & Housing

    Growth of JBLM Literally billions of dollars have been spent at JBLM in recent years on facilities, barracks and training area improvements and renovations. Since the post became the “Force Projection Platform†for the Pacific region, our population has grown increadibly, and our infrastructure is growing to keep pace. Although this is a good thing!be prepared for construction projects and traffic issues for years to come. VA home buyers are the best qualified buyers in the JBLM area real...

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  • Need to List & Sell Your Home in the Fort Lewis Area?

    Need to List and Sell Your Home in the Fort Lewis Area? If you are selling your home, and are located within 30-45 minutes of Fort Lewis, you should consider exposing it to the largest single group of buyers in the area…The Military personnel of JBLM. By listing your home with us, you will also expose it to the general relocation market, which includes Boeing, the State Government, and numerous businesses relocating to Western Washington. For detailed market information and trends make sure to...

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  • PCS to Ft. Lewis, Ft. Lewis Information and Directory

    PCS to Ft. Lewis, Ft. Lewis Information and Directory Fort lewis real estate and homes for sale in the communities surrounding Ft. Lewis and JBLM WA. If you are PCS'ing to Ft. Lewis in the near future and are interested in purchasing home in the Fort Lewis area, you will find that the housing market is great for home buyers. Fort Lewis BAH rates allow for soldiers assigned to Ft. Lewis to own a home for less than rent, and less than quarters. Fort Lewis area BAH Rates As part of your PCS to...

    Read More ...

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"My husband and I started searching for a home in WA from across the country, and Phil and his team made the process extremely easy and stress free. ... more "
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"Phil was an extremely good advocate for us as a home buyer. He let me know the "ground truth" of the home, home builder and neighborhood. My wife and ... more "
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