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Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord Washington Area Real Estate

Phil Sharp Broker

Veteran Owned -Retired Army1SG


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Puyallup Washington Real Estate and Housing | Phil Sharp 1SG, Ret.

Puyallup, Wa is 35 miles south of Seattle, 20 miles south of Sea-Tac International Airport, 15 miles east of Tacoma and near McChord aPuyallup State Fair JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estate Olymnd Fort Lewis (JBLM), and 20 miles north of Olympia, the state capital.

Public transportation is provided by Pierce Transit, offering bus service witihn city limits and destinations to neighboring communities. Sound Transit offers commuter rail service to Seattle and back each week day. Puyallup, WA is the home to the Washington State Fair in September. The Fair Grounds hold other fairs, events and shows at that location year round. For more information visit www.thefair.com.

Pronounced pew-all-up, Puyallup offers great outdoor fun with parks, outdoor art galleries, historic walking tours, gardens/nurseries, farmers markets, festivals, trails and more. With an extensive entertainment heritage you will sure find plenty to do, with any interest, year round in Puyallup, Wa.


Puyallup Wa Relocation and Housing FAQ:

Puyallup Real Estate Near JBLM Fort LewisQ  How far is the commute to Puyallup?  It doesn’t look that far on a map.

A  The problem with the drive to Puyallup is traffic.  Geographically, it doesn’t look bad on the map, but the only options are hwy 512 or surface streets thru Spanaway.  Either option results in a 30 minute drive during slow times, 45+ hour during rush hour.

Q  Is it better to take Hwy 512, or to drive thru Spanaway and Graham to get to Puyallup?

A  It really depends on where you work, and the time of day.  At PT time (06), the freeway is a good route because there isn’t any traffic.  At 1700, the Spanaway route is preferable, but painful. Q  Is Spanaway considered a suburb of Tacoma?

A  Spanaway is a Tacoma suburb, but people figure that they have left Tacoma when they pass thru Parkland. 

Q  Is there shopping and activities in Puyallup, or do I have to go to Tacoma?

A  There are lots of activities and plenty of shopping in Puyallup.  The Western Washington Fairgrounds are in Puyallup…a very popular fair.  There are lots of other activities at the fairgrounds, 4f activities, gun shows etc.

Q  Is there a large military population in Puyallup?

A  Very large, I am not sure of percentage, and I don’t think it is as high as Lacey or Yelm, but it is large.

Q  Are there employment opportunities for family members and spouses in Puyallup?

A  Lots of employment opportunities in Puyallup, Tacoma and on JBLM.   I really encourage people to check out the Civilian Personell Office on Post for job postings.  With the growth of JBLM, there are more positions being created regularly.

Q  Is there still much new construction in Puyallup?

A  There is quite a lot of new construction in Puyallup, and across the region.  The local economy, businesses, port, and military bases are all growing, adding to population and the need for new housing.

Q  Why are home lots so small?

A  Zoning in  Western Washington is considered cutting edge…or overly restrictive, you choose.  Current zoning requires 5-7 homes per acre…after roads, sidewalks, parks etc are in place.  This is an effort to reduce urban sprawl…and the belief that we don’t all deserve a house with a big yard, kids, dog, etc.

Q  What are property Taxes like in Pierce County and Puyallup?

A  Property taxes in Pierce and Thurston Counties are pretty much the same, at about 1% of the value of the property…be cautious about tax assessments, the tax assessor is in the middle of thousands of appeals because of some failed assessment practices.

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