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Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord Washington Area Real Estate

Phil Sharp Broker

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Roy & McKenna WA Real Estate and Homes For Sale

Roy & McKenna Real Estate and Homes For Sale by Veteran Army Realtor Phil Sharp 1SG, Retired

Roy WA South Side JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateFor those PCS’ing or relocating to the JBLM area, two small communities have proven to be popular for those who like a country setting that is not far from big cities. Not far from the East Gate off State Route 507 heading towards Yelm, you’ll find the City’s of Roy and McKenna. There are some nice real estate properties and homes for sale in these areas that offer a quiet, but not too far out, feel.

The City of Roy has a population of approximately 800 residents. Roy is a rural city outside of Tacoma in Pierce County that has primarily ranch style Roy Water Tower JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estatehomes and farms. There are newer home communities just outside the city limits, offering larger lots, updated amenities in a country setting.

Roy was one of the early established communities in the area, and popular still for the Roy Pioneer Rodeo held twice every year in June and August/September. While not equipped with major shopping outlets, it’s only about 10-15 drive West to Yelm for WalMart, Safeway, and other shopping. To the East is Spanaway, about a 15-20 minute drive through JBLM property along State Route 507, and 20-30 minutes on Route 7, North to Lakewood and Tacoma.


McKenna JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateThe unincorporated town of McKenna is located between Roy and Yelm, continuing west on State Route 507. Like Roy, McKenna is a small community, just minutes from Yelm. It was founded in 1908 and formerly a timber company Mckenna Water tower JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estatetown. A popular destination in McKenna is the local butcher, Stewart Meats.  The neighborhoods here offer large lots and land, along with farms and ranch style homes.

Both cities are tied to Yelm, and further information about the area can be found at www.yelmchamber.com.


Roy and McKenna Washington Real Estate | Phil Sharp 1SG Ret.

Roy and McKenna Washington are both small agricultural communities located on the back side (east of) Fort Lewis and McChord AFB (JBLM) Washington.  Both communities are agricultural in origin, and are very popular with military personnel assigned to JBLM, as well as retirees from the base and communities to the north. Click on the quick home search links to search property for sale and real estate for sale in the Roy and McKenna area.

Roy and McKenna are located just north of the county line in Pierce County WA.  The Nisqually river marks the county line, and McKenna is on the river.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest…one of small family farms that are rapidly fading.  Roy and McKenna remind me of those towns back in the day…different, but much the same.  Nice people, making a life for themselves, honest and hard working.  Also make sure to check out Yelm, it is much the same, and just south of the river in Thurston County.

 Roy and McKenna Washington Real Estate and Relocation FAQ:

Q  Is it easy to commute to Roy and McKenna from Ft Lewis or McChord?  I don’t see any gates on the map.

A  The easiest access is via the East Gate, which exits post between Roy and Spanaway. 

Q  Roy doesn’t look like a big town…where are all the houses?

A  Roy is a very small town, but it is growing.  There are also lots of “pocket” neighborhoods around Roy, some of which are gated.  These communities typically contain several hundred homes.

Q  Are there farm and acreage properties for sale in the Roy area?

A  There are lots of small farms and acreages for sale in the Roy and McKenna areas.  Keep in mind that current zoning does not allow land to be subdivided into less than 5 acres when outside of city limits.  Existing smaller lots are grandfathered.

Q  Are there lots of horse farms in the Roy and McKenna areas? 

A  The area has a reputation as an area of many Stables…and there is a rodeo (a pretty big rodeo) in Roy.

Q  What are the primary farming activities in the Roy area?

A  Some cattle operations, horses, various agricultural ventures.

Q  What are real estate prices in Roy like, compared to other communities around JBLM?

A  Prices for property and real estate for sale in Roy are just a bit higher than Yelm for homes/neighborhoods with good access to the east gate.  Location is really important when discussing values in Roy, there are some less accessable areas.

Q  Is there a quick way across post if I am going to work on North Fort?

A  Not really, the best thing is probably going to be to go out the Madigan gate, and re-enter north fort Lewis thru the main (north fort) gate on I-5.

Q  Is there really a gun shop in a church in Mckenna?

A  Yes, and a pretty good one.

Q  Is there shopping in Roy or McKenna?

A  Not much…the closest shopping is Yelm or Spanaway (or post).  All within 15 minutes. McKenna has a great butcher shop, Stewart Meats.

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