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by Veteran Army Realtor Phil Sharp 1SG, Retired

"Thanks for your professionalism, our move to Fort Lewis was one of the smoothest ever, and I attribute a large part of that to you." -The Roberts Family 

JBLM Real Estate Dupont WA Near JBLM Military Base

Dupont Washington 

Dupont Washington, a suburb of Tacoma/Lakewood, is located right next to JBLM on Interstate 5.  It is a popular community for military folks, especially Army. And especially for buyers who intend to retain their homes as rentals after PCS.  Dupont features some very nice amenities, great location, a modern commercial area with restaurants etc., and it has its own gate into JBLM…The Dupont Gate.

I consider Dupont to be made up of several distinct areas.  The housing areas include a large block of single family homes, located primarily off of McNeil St on Hoffman Hill.  There is another large, more central neighborhood, that is primarily townhomes and condos. The old part of Dupont is north of the newly developed areas, and is not very big consisting of a couple of hundred homes.  It is located Directly across from the Dupont gate, and is literally 5 minutes from the 1st Corps HQ.  There is also a large commercial/industrial park in Dupont.  Amazon, State Farm, Intel, and others have facilities there.

The housing market in the Dupont/JBLM area is brisk to say the least.  Time on market is days rather than weeks or months. Homes that are priced well and are move-in-ready often sell in 24-48 hours, and for full price, or better.  The northwest, and particularly the Seattle/Tacoma growth areas along I-5, are exploding like Southern California did some years ago. The word is out that this is a place for better than normal, long term real estate growth.  

I mention in the previous paragraph that “full price or better” is the norm for attractive homes in Dupont.  VA buyers are having a harder and harder time being competitive. VA loans are notorious for closing late, which makes sellers nervous.   A bigger issue…Closing costs…VA buyers have gotten in the habit of asking sellers to pay their closing costs. In this market, the seller will probably push back, and may refuse.   I strongly encourage you to be prepared to pay some or all of your own closing costs. Keep in mind that your earnest money deposit may be applied to closing costs.

If you would like to learn more about the Dupont Washington Housing Market, or real estate in the Dupont area, please give me a call.  If you aren’t ready for that, then I encourage you to request one of our relocation packets, or let us start educating you to the Dupont market by sending you listings for review.  If you need any other assistance at all, real estate or otherwise, please ask.

Are You Relocating to the Dupont WA Area and Interested in Buying a Home?

NorthWest Landing Dupont JBLM Fort Lewis Real EstateDupont WA Real Estate for Soldiers is geared toward soldiers and Airmen on assignment to or Stationed at JBLM. If you are relocating to the Dupont WA area, or if you are PCS’ing to Ft. Lewis or McChord AFB (JBLM), you will find professional real estate representation with Phil. If you are looking for a plan to insure that your home search, house hunting trip and purchase go off without a hitch, you have come to the right place and the right Realtor.

Real Estate Buyer Representation with Phil Sharp “During my almost 25 year career in the Army, my family and I PCS’d nine times. I learned a lot from all of those moves….and I used what I learned in designing my real estate business. I offer a plan that gives special consideration to long distance relocations and military relocations. As part of the plan, I employ three assistants….these assistants allow me to focus on what is important…spending time with you looking for and negotiating the purchase of your home.

The reason I mention my assistants is that they are here to provide the following services to you:” Dupont Real Estate Experience = Expertise; We Have the Relocation House Hunting Process Down to a Science Transaction Coordinator! Dupont Real Estate Listings are available thru the home search tool on this website. If you would like to have Jen search for homes for sale in Dupont that fit your criteria just let us know.

Relocation Sponsor: Jen Warren

Jen is your JBLM Relocation Sponsor (you can probably guess where that came from). Her role is to provide a contact on the ground in Washington who is not part of the purchase process. Jen’s job is to be your (and especially your spouse’s) eyes on the ground when it comes to the aspects of your move that aren’t related to the purchase of a home. Commuting and community info, school information, jobs and employment, and just about everything else. If you are relocating to the Dupont WA area, and need information, Jen will do every thing she can to get answers to your questions.

• Don’t Forget to Request a Free Relocation Packet by US Mail….send me an email with your address, or fill out the form in the "free stuff" link on this website. Learn more about how Jen can help you with relocating to the JBLM area in the Relocation Dept. Visit us on Facebook to become part of the community before you get here. or

Real Estate Agent and Broker: Phil Sharp

While I am the Broker of Phil Sharp Homes LLC, I am the only “agent” in my office. I sell real estate in Dupont Wa, and I feel that my place is in the field showing homes, negotiating contracts, and supervising the path to closing. Thru the course of my 9 PCS moves, I had both good and bad experiences with real estate agents. The following I feel are the most important, and played in a major role in the formulation of my business plan: I will never leave you sitting at the lodge, your TDY or leave time won’t be wasted. Many real estate agents expect to view 6-8 homes in a day, they then need to “get back to the office”. I say….If the mission is to find a home, then we find a home….. I will educate you on the home buying process prior to your arrival, if you are a first time home buyer. Visit our Buyers Toolbox to find out how easy buying a home can be.

I will assist you in getting pre-qualified for a mortgage (either VA loan or conventional), and my wife Gayle and I will do everything we can to make your family’s JBLM MOunts Rd Gate Signmove to Washington a successful one. As an educated, well qualified home buyer, you will be in a stronger position to negotiate the real estate market. In working with an educated buyer, I am more able to focus on the property, negotiations, inspections, and closing. I will educate you about the area before and after you arrive. Many real estate agents work in small specific areas. I work the perimeter of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which includes Dupont and all of the other cities around the base. Upon your arrival, you can expect a tour of the entire perimeter, not just the areas that I “prefer” to work in.

My staff and I will communicate with you regularly from our initial contact until well after closing. Purchasing a home is not at all like purchasing a car or anything else for that matter. I expect to work with you for several months before your arrival, for a month or more as we find, negotiate and close on your home, and hopefully for the duration of your time as a resident of Dupont Washington. I assure you that you will be happy with my service, and expertise…I realize that we have to work together for a lot longer than it takes to buy a car. As I stated earlier, my personal real estate experiences are the basis for how I operate my business.

I believe that I offer the best real estate buyer representation in the Dupont WA area, and that I am uniquely qualified to anticipate your needs and the stresses  brought on by your relocation or PCS move. Feedback from my customers, especially service members, with their often tight timelines, pending deployments, and multifaceted relocation plans demonstrate that I do well with home buyers who have a lot of balls in the air. I look forward to representing you in the purchase of your new home in Dupont, I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with the experience.

Real Estate For Sale and Market Information in Dupont Washington

NorthWest Landing StoresFind real estate and homes for sale, home buyer education and real estate market information for Dupont and Pierce County Washington. The Dupont community is one of the fastest growing small communities in WA. If you are interested in older homes, we have them in Dupont and neighboring Steilacoom. We also have several new large subdivisions, with several hundred homes still to be built. DuPont, Washington is located on the northwest border of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Pierce County, north of Interstate 5.

DuPont offers 5,000 years of history along with modern development in the South Puget Sound. DuPont is a small quiet community that boasts many neighborhood parks, green space, shopping, amenities and professional services.

DuPont Real Estate For Soldiers offers real estate help and guidance to soldiers and families who will be relocating to Joint Base Lewis-McChord area. Phil Sharp Homes offers many resources to those who are relocating to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord including and in addition to Dupont Real Estate For Soldiers. Through continued service, Phil Sharp Homes offers educational and general information that is available to home buyers, home sellers, home owners and investors.

Explore the site for further information and search homes for sale in Dupont, Washington and areas surrounding Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Get extensive information on the buyers page and don't forget to visit our Relocation Department for special FREE services and promotions. Contact Phil Sharp for further information or with any questions regarding DuPont Washington Real Estate or other areas surrounding Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Call 360-970-9977 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Need to Sell Your Home In Dupont Washington: Do you need a Dupont WA Realtor to list and sell your home?

I have great exposure to the local military population as well as those PCS’ing to the Area. I take great pleasure in connecting the soldiers and Airmen of JBLM with their counterparts and co-workers who need to sell their homes in Dupont. If you would like to learn more about how I market and sell real estate in the Dupont WA area, visit my Blog the Lewis-McChord Real Estate Guide. “The buyers are there, you should be too”

• Real Time MLS Data with a Market Snapshot: Find out what homes in your neighborhood are selling for, time on market, and more with a free Market Snapshot Report sent to you by email. Contact Phil for a manually generated market analysis of your home. There is no charge, and no commitment. This report is completed in two stages. Stage one is just the facts (based only on comparables, and averages throughout Dupont). Stage two is when I make adjustments upon visiting your home. Stage two is part science, part experience. I spend enough time, looking at enough homes, that I feel well qualified to interpret how the market will react to the specifics of your home.

I bring buyers! Check out my buyer programs and incentives….you will be impressed.

Dupont Washington Real Estate Market: Dupont Realty An Island of Strength The Real Estate Market in Dupont (and Steilacoom) WA is part of an incredibly strong “micro economy” (I am making up the term…and I am not an economist). DuPont’s economy, and real estate market in general, is dramatically affected by proximity to Fort Lewis (JB Lewis-McChord), and its location on the freeway essentially half way between Tacoma and Olympia.

The majority of recent home sales in Dupont are new construction. The existing home market is relatively small, and is tied closely to Steilacoom (another small community just up the road. If you are looking for a home close to post, with easy access to I-5, you should check out homes for sale in Steilacoom as well).  Dupont has been a very small community until recently. In the late 1990’s the first new neighborhoods began in earnest. Construction has slowed some in recent years due to the general economic situation, but new home construction and sales have continued without interruption for about the last 12 years. Dupont and Steilacoom WA Realty information, real estate listings, market reports, home buyer and seller education.

Dupont Washington Real Estate Representation with a Plan

If you are PCS’ing to Fort Lewis or McChord AFB, or if your family commutes in separate directions…north and south, Dupont is a great place to live.Old Steilacoom Train Station

For specific housing market information, you can request an automated Market Snapshot Report here JBLM Real Estate Market Snapshot. The Market Snapshot Report is generated based on criteria you enter, and contains real time MLS information; list to sold prices, time on market, price comparisons by square foot etc. Real Estate Listings in Dupont and Steilacoom WA: Our state of the art MLS search tool allows you to search for real estate by many different criteria. You can search by size, price, seller type (banks, for example), foreclosures and short sales.

If you are selling your home and need market information, check out the MLS for market information that will help you make educated home listing and selling decisions. View a sample report or request a Free Market Snapshot…Use it as a base line when starting to learn the local real estate market, use it for comparables if you want a second opinion based on unbiased real market data.

Dupont and Steilacoom Wa real estate for sale, information and education.

Homes, townhouses and condos for sale in Dupont Washington. Relocating or on PCS orders to Joint Base Lewis McChord? Dupont and Steilacoom are some of the most convenient communities to the base. If you are interested in learning more about Dupont homes for sale, or if you would like to search all homes for sale in Dupont or Steilacoom, click the Search Homes. Looking to buy a home in Dupont or Steilacoom Washington? Don’t forget about Steilacoom…one of the best kept secrets in western Washington. Find homes for sale and real estate listings in Steilacoom and Dupont WA at Dupont Real Estate For Soldiers. Dupont Real Estate for Soldiers

New Construction Homes & Real Estate For Sale

Get that "new-house smell" with quality and value in a new construction home. Many floor plans, options, locations to choose from. Get more info now.   Read more about New Construction homes in the Cherry Meadows Community in Yelm, WA.

Home Seller Resources   Selling your home with Phil Sharp Homes gives you the advantage of technology, experience and marketing. With Phil Sharp Homes your reaching the largest group of buyers in the DuPont Washington area...the military. With extensive experience as a soldier and in real estate, Phil Sharp has the experience to help this group of buyers with respect and professionalism. The technology employed by Phil Sharp Homes is extensive and far reaching for maximum exposure.

There is more to marketing a home than just putting up a sign in the front yard and posting to the MLS Home Search database. A specific plan for each home, owner and situation is required for maximum  return. The market changes, buyers change and you need to be flexible and adapt to these factors that effect the sale of your home. Any agent can list a home, but few agents can list your home with a winning plan that gets the results you are looking for. Get to know Phil Sharp and how he can work for you. If you are a military home owner needing to sell your home, Phil Sharp has helped many service members sell their home.

Phil understands the special circumstances that face soldiers, and his experience can help you if you are needing to sell your home in a hurry. Visit the Sellers Toolbox at Phil Sharp Homes Library to get more information on selling your home or contact Phil directly for a free, no obligation assessment.

Dupont Washington real estate and home buyers FAQ:

Q Aside from the obvious (close to post), what is the appeal of living in Dupont?

A Easy access to the Freeway is the appeal to Dupont.

Q Are there employment opportunities for military spouses in Dupont?

A There are actually lots of employment opportunities in the service industries. There are also a couple of large corporate facilities in Dupont. State Farms employs at least a couple of thousand, and Intel has a facility that is even larger. Amazon has a warehouse there. Of course there are also lots of jobs just down the freeway, or across it on JBLM.

Q Is everyone who lives in Dupont in the Army?

A Just a guess, but I think the military population of Dupont is 60-70%.

Q Is there a back gate into North Fort from Dupont? Is it usually open?

A There is a gate that is manned 24/7, down near the ROTC billet area. If you have been to Ft Lewis before, you won’t recognize north fort…there are thousands of new soldiers working on North Fort in the last 5 years.

Q Are there lots of homes for rent in Dupont?   How is the rental market?

A There seem to be a very large number of homes for rent in Dupont. I believe that during the most aggressive growth of Dupont (2003-2007), prices spiked beyond reason. Some folks, who borrowed too much, can’t sell and have been forced to rent. A market condition that will correct itself over time.

Q Is there shopping in Dupont? I was told that I would have to go to the Commissary or to Lakewood or Lacey for any large stores or Malls.

A Shopping is a short drive from Dupont, but there are no major shopping facilities in Dupont. The closest are actually the commissary and PX.

Q Does the Freeway make Dupont noisy?

A I have never really noticed the freeway noise in the residential neighborhoods, most are set back behind a hill mass, or behind the Ft Lewis Golf Course.

Q Are more new homes going to be built in Dupont?

A There is still some new home construction going on in Dupont, but there are not a lot of home sites left. There is some potential space for developers to the south, behind the Ft Lewis Golf Course, but it may or may not be developed.

Q Is there access to the salt water in Dupont? Water front homes?

A There is no waterfront in Dupont, but there is right up the road in Steilacoom….which has some beautiful old homes.

Q Are there golf course homes available in Dupont?

A Yes Indeed…

Dupont’s Neighbor Steilacoom WA…Homes and a Beautiful Community on the Sound FAQ.

Q Do many military people live in Steilacoom? It seems really close to post.

A Steilacoom is really close, but there is not a large military population. It is a very small town, not a lot of space to expand, and it is expensive.

Q What are home prices like in Steilacoom versus Dupont?

A Home prices in Steilacoom are similar to Dupont, although the price of the premo homes overlooking the sound will take your breath away.

Q Do people really live on islands in Puget Sound, and take the ferry to Steilacoom? How much does that cost?

A There are people who live on the islands, some of them actually have pretty large populations. It is really not an option for someone who commutes (or has to be in for pt in the wee hours). The ferry is too unpredictable, and when it is running it is still a limited schedule.

Dupont and Steilacoom are both very nice communities within minutes of JBLM. Steilacoom is a small waterfront town and ferry terminal, and housing prices are rather high. Dupont sits adjacent to the freeway, and it’s location is reflected in the price of housing in Dupont too. If you expect to be working on North Fort Lewis, Dupont is especially convenient, with a back gate onto post from the Dupont-Steilacoom road. Phil