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by Veteran Army Realtor Phil Sharp 1SG, Retired

Lakewood StationLakewood, WA

The Lakewood Real Estate Guide is a home buyer’s guide for Lakewood Washington. The Guide offers education for first time home buyers, as well as real estate listings and market reports for homes for sale in Lakewood. Are you relocating to Lakewood? PCS’ing to Fort Lewis? My name is Phil Sharp, recently retired from Ft Lewis (Joint Base Lewis-McChord), and owner of Phil Sharp Homes. I offer professional home buyer representation to the residents of Lakewood, Fort Lewis,  and McChord AFB WA. Lakewood is located adjacent to Interstate 5, across the freeway from Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The real estate market in Lakewood is diverse, made up of people working in the local area, on the bases, and from as far as Tacoma and Seattle. A large percentage of the population is military, both active duty and retired. Lakewood is also the home to the local VA hospital, lots of shopping, and recreation opportunities on the Puget Sound. As I said at the top of the page, thru this website you will find a wealth of real estate information.

Visit the Buyers Page for a complete description of the home buying process. If you need mortgage information, you will find it in the Mortgage Department on the Buyers page. Are you a service member or prior service member wishing to obtain a VA loan? Our preferred lenders, Ward Lending Group and USAA, are experts. If you can’t find the information you need, my staff and I are ready to answer your questions, send you over a relocation packet with information about the Lakewood area, or research homes for sale and listings in Lakewood and all areas surrounding JBLM. If you are ready to speak with an agent give me a call at 360-970-9977, or email me via one of the contact forms on this website.

Need information about Listings in Lakewood? If you need information about specific listings, or if you have questions about the home buying process but are not ready to speak with an agent, call my Relocation Sponsor, Jen Warren, at 360-970-6913. Jen is not a sales person, she is the MLS person…..she knows how to get answers, and she knows Lakewood.  

Need a Sponsor? Jen Warren is Your Relocation Sponsor, a term that I took from the Army. Jen’s mission is to be your eyes on the ground in Lakewood; she is available to answer your questions about local schools, neighborhoods and communities within Lakewood, and commuting around the area. Jen works with spouses quite a bit, assisting with employment information and job searches, school enrollments, and providing answers to frequently asked questions about Lakewood and the surrounding area. Jen is not an agent or sales person, she is here for you…no obligation. Learn more about how Jen can help you with your move in the Relocation Dept.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to Lakewood….Welcome to Washington. You will love it here! Real Estate Listings and Housing in Lakewood Washington. Information and education for first time home buyers, military home buyers, VA loan pre-qualification and housing information in Lakewood. Contact Phil if you are scheduled to PCS to Ft. Lewis or McChord AFB, or if you are already in the area and you are interested in housing in the Lakewood area. Make sure that you contact the Ft. Lewis Housing Office or the Installation Housing Office prior to securing off base housing. The housing office also has information about post housing, on post housing and quarter’s availability on base. Contact Phil: 360-970-9977 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lakewood, Washington is located in Pierce County, North of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Interstate 5. Lakewood is the second largest city in Pierce County and is surrounded by lakes, nature and scenic neighborhoods. Lakewood is centrally located within South Puget Sound, Joint Base-Lewis McChord, Sea-Tac International Airport. Lakewood was originally settled by the U.S. Army in 1849, and grew into a popular urban area South of Tacoma. It was later incorporated in 1996 and has great history and ties to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Visit the city website in Area Links below for more history of Lakewood, Washington.

Lakewood Real Estate Guide is part of Phil Sharp Homes real estate network that provides resources, education and assistance for home buyers and home sellers in the Lakewood and surrounding areas. You’ll find helpful buyer and seller tips, tools and information in the Buyer Toolbox and Seller Toolbox. If you are moving or relocating to this area, visit our Relocation Department free relocation packet, information and a sponsor that can personally help you with your move. Don’t forget to sign up for a relocation packet while you’re there. There are many other helpful tools and links on this page that will take you to a library of information. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact a representative of Phil Sharp Homes for no obligation help.

Real Estate and Housing Market Report for Lakewood Washington

The real estate market in Lakewood WA, while feeling some of the effects of the national real estate market slowdown, has remained very strong. The housingmcchord Air Force Base JBLM Fort Lewis Real Estate market in Pierce County overall has held up very well over the course of the past couple of years. Much of the strength is attributable to a couple of local factors; the military bases (Joint Base Lewis-McChord), and convenience to I-5 for those commuting from the more expensive Seattle area. Pierce County, and the City of Lakewood, lost approximately 13% in real estate market value during the period from early 2008 thru late 2009, and is down 11% at present. The “core” or most common segment of the market, single family homes priced under 250K, only lost about 7%, Most of which was recovered during the spring of 2010.

This core real estate market is just about back to 2007 levels, giving confidence to home buyers and real estate investors as the country comes out of the economic downturn and real estate crisis. As mentioned previously, the real estate market in Lakewood is most strongly influenced by the large military populations of Fort Lewis and McChord AFB. The combined total assigned to the bases is approximately 40,000, add family members and the military population increases to over 100,000…..a huge, growing and not expected to stop group of home buyers and home owners. The military population is followed closely by commuters working to the north of Pierce County in Seattle and its suburbs. The cost of one square foot of house in Seattle will buy three in Lakewood….the savings in the price of a home make the commute bearable…I guess.

Lakewood WashingtonIf you are relocating to the Lakewood area, it is a great idea to learn the local real estate market. For more information about the real estate market and home buyer education, Check out the Market Snapshot Report. The report is generated from real time Multiple Listing Service data, is formatted based on your criteria and desired location, and contains specific list price breakdowns by neighborhood, time on market information and sale prices updated daily. You can view a sample report before requesting a real one…but why, the report is free! Lakewood Real Estate Guide

Lakewood Washington Real Estate Market Update The Lakewood, WA housing market is on the rebound. Recent Multiple Listing Service Sales data shows that the Lakewood and surrounding real estate markets have returned (approximately) to where they were in late 2005. Lakewood (and all of western Washington) has held its real estate value remarkably well throughout the economic downturn, a good sign for the future.

New home construction in Lakewood is active, but not in the numbers we saw several years ago. If you are interested in purchasing a new home, you may have some difficulty finding anything other than “pre-sales”. A pre-sale is a home listed for sale, but not completed yet. The banks are not letting builders get ahead of themselves, and the time frame for home construction is 90-180 days, depending on a number of factors such as permits, plans etc. There is a fairly good sized inventory of existing homes in the Lakewood area. The caveat is that the market has been rather competitive recently.

There is strong demand, both military and local, which means that well priced listings are selling quickly, and the inventory that is remaining on the market has been pretty well picked over. While the Lakewood housing market is still a buyers market, that looks like it may change rapidly, driven by the large increase in personnel assigned to JBLM among other things.


Learn about Bank Owned Homes for sale and Foreclosure homes for sale in Lakewood WA Lakewood Foreclosures. Finally, a comprehensive source for real time, accurate and up-to-date foreclosure, distressed, and bank owned home information. I don’t use tax records, county records, or purchased lists to find foreclosures, I use data provided by the local MLS to produce manually generated lists or online search tools displaying current and useful information. If you have used the national data aggregators, you know what I am talking about. Information pulled from two year old tax records isn’t very helpful when you are trying to purchase a home now.

To access foreclosure real estate for sale and other information now, please click the foreclosures link on top of this page to use the search tools. If you would like to browse our manually generated foreclosed home links, they are available by visiting the Foreclosures page. Can I search for you? Since I am searching daily for good deals, and I am out in the market on a regular basis, why not have my office set up to do some searching for you. If my staff and I know what you are looking for, foreclosures or not, we will make our best effort to find the home the meets your needs. Foreclosure homes for sale have become a big part of the real estate business; make sure that you and your realtor know how to tap the foreclosure market to your advantage.

Lakewood, Washington Area FAQs

Q   What is the population of Lakewood?

A    According to, the population was 61,037 in 2019

Q    Are there lots of ‘lakes’ in Lakewood?

A    Yes! There are many, many lakes. They include American Lake, Lake Steilacoom, Gravelly Lake, Lake Louise and Waughop Lake. There are also a number of small creeks too.  American Lake has boat rentals available. I have rented paddle boats there and had a blast!

Q    Are there any golf courses in Lakewood?

A    There are a few golf courses in Lakewood. Chambers Bay Golf Course is only minutes from Lakewood and is home of the 2015 US Open.

Q   What is the commute time? I know it’s pretty close to JBLM, does that make traffic a problem?

A    From the heart of Lakewood to the Main Gate is about 15 minutes. There are multiple ways to get around in Lakewood with lots of back roads. Traffic can get a little backed up on I-5 around Fort Lewis but the traffic in the town of Lakewood doesn’t get too bad.

Q  I have heard some not so good things about Lakewood. What’s the scoop?

A   Jen, my Relocation Sponsor actually lives in Lakewood so she is answering this question: I know that there are some not so good things said about the Lakewood area. I moved to Lakewood in October 2013 (I lived in Yelm previous to that, and Lacey before that). I love the street that I live on! My neighbors have been amazing and we all know one another. There are some areas of Lakewood that I would potentially steer clear of, but there are those types of areas in any town. There are some places with small run down homes and the complete opposite, huge lakefront mansions!

Q   What is the shopping like in Lakewood?

A    The Lakewood Towne Center is the main shopping. It is only about 15 minutes from the Main Gate on Fort Lewis. Plenty of shopping and eating opportunities and a movie theater make this a main area of Lakewood. The Tacoma Mall is also very close to Lakewood and offers lots of shopping.

Q    Are there a lot of military families living in Lakewood?

A    Yes, there are many military families here both active duty and retired.

Q    What are some civilian employment options?

A    Check out the Civilian Personnel Office on Post

Q    Is there a lot of new construction in Lakewood?

A    There isn’t. Lakewood is an older town with older homes. The thing I love about that is lot sizes and privacy! San Mortiz, Flett Creek and Custer Oaks are the newest developments in the area and there is talk of the redevelopment of the Tillicum area that will provide new housing and condos in mixed price points.

Q    What are some good activities or places to go in Lakewood?

A    Lakewold Gardens is a beautiful area to visit with beautiful gardens and over 900 rhododendrons. It is a very popular place for events and weddings. Another cool place to visit is Thornewood Castle. It’s a 500 year old Tudor Gothic hotel that looks like it is right out of a fairy tale. Also, Lakewood is pretty much right in the middle of Tacoma and Olympia so heading to either of those towns for something to do is less than a 30 minute drive.

Q   What about parks?

A    Again, Jen answers this question...Fort Steilacoom Park is my favorite! I have two young children who love to play there and it’s huge! Not only is there a play area, but there are places to walk, run, play sports and a dog park. There is also Active Park, American Lake Park, Harry Todd Park and many others. There are 11 parks within the city.

Q   What about schools?

A   The public schools are all run by Clover Park Schools District. There are many private schools also and two community colleges. There is a satellite campus for University of Washington in Tacoma (about 30 minutes north).